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Protime LLC > Ambulatory Course 1

We use the E and M documentation guidelines in every encounter we have each day – sometimes hundreds of times a week. But, education on this topic is woefully lacking in our medical training programs.

Learning it “on the fly” is fraught with errors as we build bad habits that lead to denials, lost revenues, unhappy patients, and potential compliance concerns.

In this session we cover the basics of the history, exam and medical decision making. Additionally, we provide some mnemonics to clarify the concepts and help drive home the information.

4 Modules

(110 minutes).

Protime LLC > Ambulatory Course 2

The Medical Wellness Visits

The three basic Medicare Wellness encounters are foundational in capturing quality measures including risk.

Billing for the basic exam is not compliant if all of the aspects of the exam are not covered.

Learn the requirements as well as operationally how to streamline these encounters and how to capture both wellness and chronic disease billing in a single interaction.

(30 minutes).

Protime LLC > Ambulatory Course 3

Transition Care Management

The importance of correctly completing the Transitional Care Management (TCM) encounter cannot be overstated as it is a key driver to address readmissions.

But, TCM done incorrectly cannot be billed, so knowing the make-up – and learning how to streamline the delivery – is key to success.

In this session two TCM visits are broken down into understandable bites to remain compliant and help deliver the care transitions so needed for this patient population.

(33 minutes).

Protime LLC > Ambulatory Course 4

Chronic Care Management

Where TCM stops, Chronic Care Management (CCM) starts and the global delivery of this service for patients with two or more chronic conditions needs to be understood for a successful population health management strategy.

In this session, we cover the “why”, the “how to”, the “who to”, and the “what to do” to make CCM a success in your assigned patient population.

(32 minutes).

Protime LLC > Ambulatory Course 5

The Ambulatory Quality Discussion

As if the weight of managing multiple chronic diseases in our patient base is not enough, now we have to add multiples of quality metrics linked to CMS, Stars, HEDIS, and various other entities.

Keeping it straight – since it changes often – is a huge task and providers need a current tool to guide them along the way.

Look no farther than this session to provide the ability to successfully conquer this task

(37 minutes).

Protime LLC > Ambulatory Course 6

Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC)

The advent of the risk score and how it is applied to the business of medicine has not been shared with the frontline provider – yet we are held accountable for knowing how to show the “sickness” of our patients through these HCCs.

Finally, an answer can be found in this module as we not only unfold the definition of the HCC but also how to master this to show the correct disease burden of the patients we care for.

(50 minutes).