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Protime LLC > General Course 1

The Business of Medicine

We were never taught the key strategies surrounding a successful business model in medical school or residency.

This session provides understanding of the history of Medicare, the Part A/B/C/D discussion, co-pays and deductibles, the ACOs and Medicare Advantage Plans, and much more.

This is basic knowledge to add to the provider’s ability to reason through clinically correct strategies that align business and medicine together as we journey to understand the medical economics of our day-to-day scope of work.

Protime LLC > General Course 2

Burnout 101

This growing concern among providers in the healthcare space is addressed here as we cover the components of burnout, its triggers, and then delve into some strategies that can be built to reduce personal and occupational stress.

Protime LLC > General Course 3

Providers as Change Leaders

The physician of today needs to understand the medical economics of the healthcare system and then be able to strategically possess the ability to lead the change movement – or at least play a big part in the successful transition.

In this session we cover various leadership skills as well as sharing some insights of what leaders today need to have in their “best practice toolbox”.