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Below you will find two examples of our rapidly expanding library of broad-based, quality medical education courses for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The first video, Streamlined Evaluation and Management, is an excerpt from the full course which consists of four modules.

Our second video, Transition Care Management, is a full module.

Both selections are part of our Ambulatory Care series of courses.

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Streamlined Evaluation and Management - Partial Sample

We use the E & M documentation guidelines in every encounter we have each day – sometimes hundreds of times a week. But, education on this topic is woefully lacking in our medical training programs.

Learning it “on the fly” is fraught with errors as we build bad habits that lead to denials, lost revenues, unhappy patients, and potential compliance concerns.

In this session we cover the basics of the history, exam and medical decision making. Additionally, we provide some mnemonics to clarify the concepts and help drive home the information.

(*Note: The complete E & M Course consists of 4 modules, each with it’s own post test)

(19 minutes).

Transition Care Management: Bridging Hospital to Home - Full Video

The importance of correctly completing the Transitional Care Management (TCM) encounter cannot be overstated as it is a key driver to address readmissions.

But, TCM done incorrectly cannot be billed, so knowing the make-up – and learning how to streamline the delivery – is key to success.

In this session two TCM visits are broken down into understandable bites to remain compliant and help deliver the care transitions so needed for this patient population.

(33 minutes).

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